The Carbon Neutral Foundation


From Our Past to Our Future

For hundreds of years in America, generations of farmers have toiled and provided a source of food for our country and others.  Over the years, farmers have passed their knowledge and farmlands down to their children.  Today, to ensure that their farms carry on, as well as continue to be a food source, farmers must reconsider their current methods of farming and embrace new ones.  The Carbon Neutral Foundation is here to support farmers in that process and to show them new ways to increase revenue for helping to preserve their farms and our environment.

Revenue Opportunities

As carbon emissions continue to affect our environment, farmers can play a big role in reducing carbon emissions by sequestering CO2 via modified farming practices that build healthy soil. Carbon smart practices include no-till farming, the use of cover crops and more.  Farmers are rewarded for their farm management practices via carbon credits.   Both farm and farmer win economically and ecologically.  Agriculture is our biggest chance to ensure long-term sustainability of our food production due to carbon sequestering and the reduction of emissions.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative Agriculture can refer to improving the social and economic well-being of communities, regardless of farm size. And it can also refer to increasing yields and increasing profits. The single purpose of the regenerative farming is to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) and draw-down carbon from the atmosphere.

Get Paid for Carbon Capture

Farmers that implement regenerative practices can maximize carbon draw down for each acre. This can increases the tonnage of carbon draw down and the farmer is able to be paid for the carbon credit.

How Do I Get Started?

Through contacting CNFO2, each farmer is paired with a Ag Consultant and a Regenerative Roadmap is used to help each farmer immediately sign-up for earning credits with the first payout due upon completion of the roadmap.

Our greatest opportunity to remove carbon lies in sequestering it in it's natural sinks - forests, grasslands and soil.

Farmers Who Are Leading the Way

Learn more about early adopters of carbon neutral regenerative farming practices and how they are pioneering a better future for generations to come. 

Bryant Williams

Samantha Hughes